Our fraud solutions run on IFM-X, the Integrated Fraud Management platform. Built on the latest technologies to fit into a modern ecosystem, IFM-X combines boundless data, agile analytics and transformed operations to prevent fraud in the era of a banking revolution, all while increasing operational efficiency.​​

1) Digital Banking Fraud

NICE Actimize combines leading industry expertise with the power of machine learning to protect your customers from login to logout. Our Digital Banking Fraud Hub is packed with capabilities allowing you to do just that:

Agility to integrate transactional data, in addition to data from upstream and downstream applications

Real-time transaction processing that identifies fraud attempts, while allowing legitimate attempts to be executed

Cross-channel, cross-product monitoring that allows you to view all activity in the context of the customer’s other activities

Mobile banking fraud protection with remote access models and in-session monitoring

Faster, more accurate decisioning for increased customer satisfaction

Platform flexibility that helps you integrate your own analytics to handle flash fraud or immediate issues

2) Card and Emerging Payment Fraud

Regardless of whether it’s an established or an emerging payment type that you are trying to protect, we help you gain a holistic view of the customer, drive operational efficiency, and gain richer decisioning to improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing fraud protection. By enabling you to safely increase business growth and drive adoption, our solutions can:

Safeguard you, as the card issuer, and your customers from card-based fraud attacks, ensuring card fraud detection and prevention

Cover card-based transactions (debit/ATM, credit card, digital wallets, prepaid, etc.) as well as EMV and PIN/Signature models

Shield emerging sectors that are part of the fastest growing segment in the financial market​

Provide fraud protection for P2P and MSBs in addition to other new and emerging payment types

The Actimize Digital & Mobile Wallet Fraud solution protects your customers from digital account takeover, and protects your company from fraud liability and negative brand reputation. Monitor and protect a full range of wallet activity, including card/account provisioning, card present and not present purchases, person-to-person transfers, bill payments, and account-service events. Leverage cross-channel data, multi-dimensional entity profiles, and complex analytic models to predict legitimate and fraudulent wallet activity accurately and in real time. Actimize provides industry-leading end-to-end fraud management tools to drive successful interdiction and operation strategies.