ThreatMark ( was founded in 2015 by ethical hackers Michal and Krystof, who recognized that financial institutions struggled to fight digital fraud effectively. In response to this problem, the modern and comprehensive ThreatMark platform was developed – an adaptable machine learning-based digital threat and fraud solution. ThreatMark’s ongoing mission is to help financial institutions manage the increasing risk of digital banking, modern fraud, and evolving compliance challenges.


Traditional fraud prevention platforms are ineffective in countering digital threats that are constantly evolving and adapting to new attack techniques.

ThreatMark is a modern, adaptable ML-based platform designed specifically to protect digital banking environments, analyzing large amounts of data from various sources such as devices, events, sessions, user behaviors, and payment transactions. Using the latest machine learning models, ThreatMark’s platform is easy to deploy, works out of the box, and doesn’t require any tuning of AI models.

ThreatMark is committed to providing their customers with the most effective detection rate for modern digital threats, while minimizing false positives.

• At ThreatMark security and data protection is taken very seriously. Their core focus is to ensure highest security, safety and trust in the digital world throughout their work, processes, products and services.