Aware Face Biometry for Mobile Platforms

Since 2017, DVA is developing business in banks with Aware ( The solution was customized according to the needs of Turkish banking regulation.

The Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework is a collection of biometric SDKs running on mobile devices and a server that together enable strong, multi-factor, password-free authentication from a mobile device using biometrics. Knomi offers multiple biometric modality options, including facial recognition, keystroke dynamics, and voice authentication as means to authenticate. Banks or any other commercial enterprise can deploy Knomi to enhance their password-based authentication mechanisms, making login to their mobile applications more secure and convenient for their customers and employees. Knomi software components can be used in different combinations and configurations to enable either a server-centric architecture or a device-centric, FIDO® Certified implementation.


Device- or server-centric biometric matching and template storage

Several biometric modality options, including face, voice, and keystroke dynamics

High-performance facial recognition and liveness detection, addressing multiple attack modes with or without user interaction

Keystroke+Face Authenticator captures face and keystroke simultaneously, with fusion of biometric results for boosted accuracy and liveness detection performance

Voice+Face Authenticator offers market-leading performance for speaker recognition and liveness detection

FIDO® Certified UAF Face Authenticator, Client, and Server

All components are available as a la carte SDKs with reference application code

iOS and Android versions

Biometrics and Mobile KYC

Facial recognition is emerging as a useful tool towards onboarding new customers and know-your-customer (KYC) processes.

Biometrics allow new customers to enroll in banking services through their smartphones and avoid a branch visit, which is particularly convenient in rural areas. Here’s one way the process can work: